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Let’s Get Your Website Into 2021

2020 went by fast. Really fast. Faster than anyone ever would have imagined. In that time, something else happened faster than anyone else would have thought: trends in web design and development. Here are a few of them that we like to use at Coastal Digital Solutions! Parallax Animations Parallax Animations are used to have…

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Now Offering 360 Degree Video

Coastal Digital Solutions is excited to announce a new video service: 360 degree video! Perfect for the small business owner and realtor alike, a 360 degree video can give your viewers a sense of being in the location mentioned. They can view all angles: up, down, left, right. It feels more personal and interactive than…

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Every Business Owner Needs To Hire A Videographer

Looking to add video for your business marketing? Video is reaching customers across all demographics. Whether you are marketing for young families, retirees or first home buyers adding video will increase your viewership. Video is now viewed on all social networks, such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and also, Youtube. A Videographer is a Storyteller A…

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